Non-Attendance 1.0


Non-Attendance 1.0 is a product designed to enable fast reporting of student absence to interested parties by email. It has been custom designed to facilitate the necessary reporting for Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) providers, but it can also be easily customised to suit other education programs.


Here are the benefits for SEE providers:
  • Send SEE training non-attendance reports in minutes, not hours or days
  • Improve attendance by reporting absence in the same week
  • Maintain weekly contact with your students’ employment consultants (ECs) or referring agencies (RAs)


Depending on the number of students in your program, it takes SEE providers hours or days to send the SEE Non-Attendance reports each week and tight budgets can mean this simply is not possible. However, due to participation requirements, many RAs require every student’s absence to be reported. Therefore, SEE Non-Attendance reports are a mandatory requirement and failure to send them risks contractual non-compliance.

For large organizations, student Non-Attendance reporting costs hundreds of dollars in human time every week, if it is being done manually. This amounts to tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. For small organisations, even a couple of hours a week amounts to thousands of dollars each year, in addition to the losses in training income as a result of students not being reported at the end of the training week.  These are unnecessary overheads and losses which can be avoided by using the  SEE non-attendance report generator for a fraction of the cost of the manual labour.


Number of Students Weekly  Monthly Annually*
Less than 50 students $22 $79 $755
50-100 students $33 $118 $1130
100-200 students $44 $157 $1500
200-300 students $55 $195 $1870
300-400 students $66 $235 $2250
400-500 students $77 $275 $2640
500-600 students $88 $315 $3020
All prices include GST. Monthly prices represent a saving of more than 10% and annual prices more than 30%.
* Excess fees calculated  pro-rata may be applied monthly if student numbers increase to the next level.
** Rates for organisations with more than 600 students will be negotiated at the time of agreement.


Non-Attendance 1.0 comes fully set-up  and ready to use under a custom domain for your organization (or host it on your own domain name or intranet). It’s externally hosted (except if you purchase a licence), and we do not need access to your IT system to set it up. It also comes with a two page user manual, but in actual fact, it’s so simple to use, you probably won’t even need it.

Contact us to receive a demo of how Non-Attendance 1.0 works in practice (the demo takes less than 15minutes!) and start reporting your students’ non-attendances in a matter of minutes this week.