WEBUCATION is based in Australia.

The director, Kerryn Griffiths, has a PhD in education, and more than a decade of experience in educational web development. Kerryn also has two decades of experience in working within the education sector, including public schools in Australia and the UK, registered training organisations in Australia and both national and international private institutions.

Kerryn understands the needs, context and language on education, so every new WEBUCATION project begins with a conversation with Kerryn about your online requirements. Even if you don’t know what you need, if you can tell Kerryn what you’re not able to do that you would like to do, she’ll work out solution that works within your budget requirements.

Kerryn will then work with her team of developers to conceptualise an online platform that will achieve your objectives. At no point do you need to have any technical expertise or jargon at all. The advantage of working with Kerryn at WEBUCATION is that she has the unique ability to translate educational needs into technological solutions.